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Tahira Fida Al‑Lawati
Naima Al‑Maimani
Hafsa Al‑Tamimi
Khuloud Al‑Shuaibi
Tonny Holsbergen
Marzeiyah Kazerooni
Stephanie Borg
Abdul Majeed Karooh
Adnan Al‑Raisi
Mohammed Al‑Zadjali
Moosa Omar
Sami Syabi
Juma Al‑Harthy
Essa Al‑Mafarji
Khamis Al‑Riyami
Mazin Al‑Mammari
Abdul Nasser Al‑Saigh
Alan Reed
Peter Hayes
Clive Gracey

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Clive Gracey

Clive Gracey grew up in rural Ireland and early on developed a passion for photographing the many ruins, both ancient and more modern, that dotted the surrounding countryside. He graduated in Fine Art from the University of Reading in 1984. Clive has lived in Oman for more than thirty years and has devoted much of his time to recording Oman’s vernacular architecture and folk art. He has exhibited his photographs in Oman, the UK and the USA.

Adnan Al-Raisi

Omani artist Adnan Al-Raisi began his artistic career painting realistic and colourful landscapes of his native land. He gradually moved from realism to abstraction and more recently his work has progressed to incorporating different media to reflect the past and the present and hinting at poetry and a magical tradition.

Naima Al-Maimami

Omani artist Naima Al-Maimani has been drawing and painting since childhood. After graduation from the University of Bahrain, she began to experiment with different media and genres, finding much of her inspiration in Oman’s rich architectural heritage, traditional silver jewelry and other relics from the country’s past. As well as being a practicing artist, Naima is the proprietor of one of the leading galleries in Muscat, Art and Soul, where she runs workshops in jewelry-making and showcases the work of local craftswomen.

Hafsa Al-Tamimi

Award-winning artist Hafsa Al-Tamimi is a prominent member of the artistic community in the Sultanate of Oman. Her unique painting style encompasses realism, expressionism and abstract symbolism. She has exhibited her work both in her home country and internationally.

Tahira Fida Al-Lawati

Omani artist Tahira Fida’s paintings and mixed-media works are inspired by Arabic poetry, English literature and memories and the architecture of Mutrah, the place where she grew up. Her works are rich in symbols, characters, letters and glyphs from different languages, especially ancient Aramaic and Ancient Egyptian. Thematic colours, textures, and a close attention to technique and detailing characterize Tahira’s art. She has exhibited widely, both in her native Oman and internationally.

Marzeiyah Kazerooni

Iranian artist Marzeiyah Kazerooni gained her Master of Arts degree in Painting from the University of Shiraz. She has been involved in the Shirazi art scene as a teacher, curator and administrator since 2003. She has exhibited her paintings in her homeland and abroad.

Tonny Holsbergen

Tonny Holsbergen is a renowned and widely exhibited Dutch painter and portrait artist who has regularly visited Oman since 2001. Inspired by the hospitality of the Bedouin of Oman’s desert regions, Tonny has dedicated much of her artistic resources to capturing the traditional Bedouin way of life. She believes that not only is it the artist’s job to create new things in the world, but also to make a passionate appeal to preserve what we already have.

Stephanie Borg

Stephanie Borg is a Maltese artist and graphic and surface pattern designer. Stephanie lived in the Sultanate of Oman for six years, where she found inspiration in the traditional attire of the Omani people. Her unique paintings and limited edition fine art prints, with their rich colours, patterns and textures, have been widely exhibited internationally.

Abdul Majeed Karooh

Born in 1975, Omani artist Abdul Majeed Karooh started painting at the age of 8. He takes his inspiration from his childhood memories as well as the unique heritage and folklore of the Sultanate of Oman. Karooh’s colourful and exuberant paintings have been exhibited in Oman, the UAE, Egypt and India.

Mohammed Al-Zadjali

Omani artist, Mohammed Al-Zadjali started his journey with painting in 2002 and has since developed his own distinct style by incorporating silhouettes of Omani artifacts, symbols and patterns onto canvas with paint. Painting chromatically, his work reflects inspirations brought on by sandy shades and the hazy mountain reflections of Oman. He has exhibited his work in Oman, Sudan, Saudi Arabia, India and Jordan.

Peter Hayes

British artist Peter Hayes first became interested in ceramics while working on excavations of Neolithic and Roman sites in the UK during his summer holidays from art school. After graduation, Peter spent several years working with various tribes in Africa, learning from them how to use basic tools and limited technology to make beautiful sculptures. Peter has had similar learning experiences in India, Nepal, Japan, south-western USA and Oman. While primarily ceramic in nature, Peter’s sculptures also include other materials, such as iron and copper. Peter’s work is widely represented in public and private collections worldwide.

Moosa Omar

Moosa Omar is a mixed media artist whose works reflect elements and stories from daily life and mirror his traditional Omani roots. He uses symbols and motifs, colours and textures to produce his own distinct narrative. He has exhibited widely, most notably in The White House, Washington DC, The Indira Ghandi National Centre for Arts in India, the Centre for Fine Art Berlin, Germany and The Olympic Museums in Switzerland and Australia.

Sami Syabi

Omani artist Sami Syabi believes art has the power of giving people happiness and tranquility. His paintings and sculptures are in the realist tradition, drawing on Oman’s rich heritage. His work has been influenced by a number of different artistic movements and traditions, particularly surrealism. Each of Sami’s works is a visualization of earthly and otherworldly dreams. In his recent cultural explorations, traditional local architectural forms have emerged as a theme in his sculptures.

Juma Al-Harthy

Omani artist Juma Al-Harthy has developed a distinctive Omani visual language in his artworks. His mixed media works often incorporate elements of carved wood and nails that are typical of traditional Omani doors. He also finds inspiration in details of painted ornamentation from Oman’s historic monuments. Juma’s paintings and mixed media artworks works are vividly evocative of his native land and have been widely exhibited in the Sultanate of Oman and the wider region.

Essa Al-Mafarji

Essa Al Mafarji is a full-time Omani artist and a prominent figure in the Omani art scene. He an active member of both the Omani Society for Fine Arts and the Youth Studio. During his early pursuit of artistic expression, sculpture became his preferred medium to convey his message. Essa works with a variety of different materials, ranging from iron and mirrors, to plastic and fiberglass. However, clay is best suited for his work because of its ability to take on intricate details within its form and for its strengthand inherent beauty. Essa’s sculptures vary in scale from small works to life size orlarger compositions

Khamis Al-Riyami

Award-Winning Omani Photographer Khamis Al-Riyami started taking pictures at the age of 14 after receiving a camera from his father. What started out as a hobby soon developed into a passion. Khamis taught himself the technical skills of photography by reading photographic magazines and books and by trial and error. Photography for Khamis is a means of telling stories using images instead of words. Khamis is inspired by the work of Henri Cartier-Bresson, as well as by Sebastião Salgado, James Nachtwey and Chris Rainier. Khamis works within the genres of documentary, environmental portraiture and abstract photography. Most of his work is in black and white.

Mazin Al-Mammari

Award-winning professional Omani artist Mazin Al Mamari’s mixed media artworks are known for their richness of texture and color and their unique combinations of contemporary and traditional cultural abstraction. His favoured media are acrylic paints mixed with sand to create textured surfaces, and plaster relief. He has exhibited widely in his native Oman and internationally.

Abdul Nasser Al-Saigh

Omani artist Tahira Fida’s paintings and mixed-media works are inspired by Arabic poetry, English literature and memories and the architecture of Mutrah, the place where she grew up. Her works are rich in symbols, characters, letters and glyphs from different languages, especially ancient Aramaic and Ancient Egyptian. Thematic colours, textures, and a close attention to technique and detailing characterize Tahira’s art. She has exhibited widely, both in her native Oman and internationally.

Alan Reed

Alan Reed is from Northumberland in the UK and comes from a family with a long history of painting. Alan began developing his skills in watercolour at the age of 15 and during his career has developed a very distinctive and unique style. He is a regular visitor to the Sultanate of Oman and finds inspiration in both its landscapes and urban environments. Alan’s work is widely represented internationally in private and public collections and through corporate commissions.

Khuloud Al- Shuaibi

Khulood Al Shuaibi is an Omani visual artist and sculptor who works with different types of materials including wood, marble and resin. Most of her works symbolizes women and their interaction with the universe around them. She also expresses herself and her vision towards her environment with its calmness, silence and determination. Sculpture making is a very important part of Khulood’s daily life. The continuous dialogue between her and her chosen materials results in art pieces that are both unique and beautiful. Her work has been exhibited in Oman and internationally and is found in numerous private collections.