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Bait Muzna Gallery, located in the heart of Old Muscat, was established in 2000 by Sayyida Susan Al-Said. Today it is one of the most respected contemporary art galleries and art consultancies in the Sultanate of Oman and the wider GCC region.
Bait Muzna Gallery strives to promote emerging and established artists by holding regular solo and group exhibitions and events. Bait Muzna Gallery also collaborates with a wide range of corporate clients to place quality artwork in public and private settings. The gallery also provides a platform for international artists.

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Lesser Spotted Oman

Our current exhibition, Lesser Spotted Oman, is a suite of Fine Art photographs by Irish artist Clive Gracey, who has spent many years recording Oman’s traditional vernacular architecture. His stunning photographs have been exhibited in Oman, the UK and the USA and have appeared in a number of specialist and academic publications.

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