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About / BaitMuzna Gallery

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Bait Muzna Gallery was founded by Sayyida Susan Al Said in 2000, in a three-storey traditional Omani house. Located in the old city of Muscat, the space has been renovated into a modern, trendy space for future art and culture.


The Gallery exhibits artwork including mixed media paintings, sculptures, photography, installation and concept art.


We believe it is imperative to showcase not only established Omani and resident artists but also the work of Oman's emerging artists.


Art is an integral part of the Omani culture. As Oman is developing in international business and tourism, attracting many visitors from around the world, Bait Muzna Gallery is committed to promoting culture and art within Oman, and placing Omani art on the international arena.  Our objective is to create a strong and productive connection between the artists of Oman and the international art world.


The beautiful and historic location, and the art displayed make the Gallery a cultural and artistic epicenter.


Bait Muzna Gallery is a historical landmark, mirroring the beauty and culture of Oman with a contemporary art approach designed to inspire artists and art lovers.